ESG and data center

Green by Design

Today, every company needs to address sustainability, carbon footprint and social responsibility – no matter what industry it works in, and even if its core business has no direct impact on the environment. All companies have a responsibility for their entire supply chain, from their energy supply to the diet and health of their employees.


Green or Black Data

It’s no secret that data processing and storage leave a carbon footprint. The more data, the bigger the footprint. As companies, we must therefore make an effort to keep data volume to a minimum and to regularly clean up and optimize. We also need to take a critical look at the environmental sustainability of our data storage.

Our Data Center

Minimizing the Carbon Footprint

Moving your data to Storage-as-a-Service or Backup-as-a-Service can benefit the environment. Data are consolidated in a state-of-the-art, effective, energy-labeled data center, where energy-efficient cooling and consumption are a high priority.

What’s more, smart data processes help to keep data volume to a minimum; for instance, when we recommend and advise on ideal storage and backup strategies. And deduplication and data compression technologies also contribute to a reduction in volume of data.

Backup as a Service  Storage as a Service

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