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Home is Where Your Data is

ISO 27001 and separation of duties

When you trust us to handle your data, you get peace of mind in return; our data centers in Scandinavia are all ISO 27001 certified and strictly follow the principles of separation of duties. Your data is not left somewhere in the clouds, but safe in our data centers, managed, monitored and operated day and night by our own specialists.

virtual storage

Designed to Meet Every Need

We understand that the nature of your data is diverse. To some data you’ll need a near-instant, no-latency access, other data you need to keep safely stored for documentation. That is why, in our virtual storage environment, your data is consistently replicated and migrated to its ideal storage technology. This significantly reduces your costs and offers maximum flexibility.

Top secure datacenter

Top-Secure Facilities and Around-the-Clock Monitoring

Tier 3-compliant – redundancy and maintenance with no downtime.

  • Redundat diesel generator
  • Fire prevention
  • Redundant cooling plant
  • UPS
  • Data centers with redundant dark fiber
  • Facilities are monitored by numerous technical alerts and sensors
  • Access control
  • 24x7 monitoring and video surveillance
  • Availability of over 99.9%

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Growing data volumes and complexity challenge the demand for data capacity – stay agile and flexible with Storage and Backup-as-a-Service.

Green or Black Data

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)

It’s no secret that data processing and storage leave a carbon footprint. The more data, the bigger the footprint. As companies, we must therefore make an effort to keep data volume to a minimum and to regularly clean up and optimize. We also need to take a critical look at the environmental sustainability of our data storage.

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