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B4Restore, with a +20-year history in Backup, Storage, and Business Continuity, has evolved into a leading enterprise-class Data Protection service provider.

Storage and Backup-as-a-Service

Storage and Backup Made Easy

Turn heavy investments and complex IT processes into a flexible and managed pay-as-you-go solution. Our Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) and Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions offer best-in-class data protection with ISO27001, ISO22301, ISAE3000, ISAE3402 and Separation of Duties architecture.


Storage and Backup specialists

Air-Gapped Backups

Investing in Air-Gapped Backups combined with a Separation-of-Duties Governance Framework is a strategic decision that enhances data security and resilience. This approach not only protects against sophisticated cyber threats but also strengthens your negotiating position for favorable cyber insurance terms.

Air-Gapped Backups

Business Continuity as a Service

Disaster Recovery to an isolated IT environment – run your IT Production workloads on a dedicated B4Restore life support device. An essential part of B4Restore’s Backup-as-a-Service is the ability to perform a rapid failover in the event of an unplanned business disruption such as a cyber-attack.

Business Continuity

Cloud-portal for automation

B4R Storage Portal

Our cloud-native SaaS solution for automation and management - enables you to control your storage and backup environments. We offer a simple and modern interface with self-service, reports and business insights, allowing easy API integration with your own systems. Get ready to reduce complexity and improve resource management for business-critical IT tasks.  

B4R Storage Portal

We’ve got you Covered

State-of-the art technology, high performance and data protection shape our solutions, but there is more than that. Our specialist team’s hard earned best practice, competences and certifications have sealed the long term collaboration with our clients and partners.

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Storage and Backup specialists

IT Security and Compliance

Industry-certified Storage and Backup Solutions. All Storage-as-a-Service and Backup-as-a-Service solutions are ISO 27001 & ISO 22301 certified and ISAE 3000/3402 audited. This means you get highest standard of IT security and an ISO guarantee that your critical and sensitive data are in safe hands.

IT Security and Compliance

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