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Building the Road as you Travel

The optimized infrastructure and efficient data management that comes with Storage-as-a-Service (StaaS) provides higher performance and makes data sharing easy, enabling your enterprise needs to make fast decisions and take decisive action – and to succeed in the age of AI.

Start Leveraging Big Data now

StaaS gives you the storage capacity you need, hassle-free and with no upfront investments. So you can get started right away with leveraging Big Data for AI, ML and DL, pay as you go and only pay for the storage you actually use.

Big data funnel

AI out of the box

Our StaaS solution makes it easy to get started working with AI. Engage with our storage specialist and you can shortly be off and running with no additional setup or investment required. Simply plug and play.

Gain better control of your data and unlock the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL).



Scalable Storage Solutions

Getting the full benefit of AI requires efficient scaling of storage capacity. StaaS offers the flexibility and scaling needed to be able to handle every data-driven task.

The stages in the data pipeline: 

Stages in the data pipeline

  • Edge & Ingest
    This is where collected data enters the pipeline. This requires a highly flexible and scalable storage solution.
  • Classify & Transform
    The data is then classified and tagged with useful metadata so it can be analyzed in detail. This stage requires very high throughput.
  • Analyze & Train
    Next comes data analysis and model training, which requires a storage system with top-tier performance and even higher throughput.
  • Insights & Inference
    The insights gained can then be used through inference to retrain models for even more precise insights. This process is less demanding in terms of throughput.


Software-Defined Storage

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