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B4Restore is an industry-leading “one-stop shop” for the multi-cloud environments of global enterprises providing software-defined Storage and Backup-as-a-Service for private, public, hybrid and SaaS solutions. We deliver enterprise-class performance and employ a professional staff of dedicated specialists within architecture, development, operations, and quality assurance.

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Committed to Excellence

Our mission is to design, manage and operate best-in-class solutions ensuring the highest possible data security in the form of always-up-to-date software and hardware, full separation of duties and ISO certification. Since 2003 we have transformed the market and introduced de facto Storage-as-a-Service (StaaS) and Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) models, reducing our clients’ costs, complexity and resource consumption, while adding flexibility, scalability and data insights.

Storage and backup experts

Leading Experts in our Field

We have accumulated leading expertise and know-how on how to optimize IT infrastructure end-to-end. We secure critical mass and free our customers from reliance of individual employees. Our specialist team is our most important resource, and we focus on competences, certifications and education. As a result, B4Restore employees work as global beta-testers and more than half of our specialist team has more than 20 years of domain experience.

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One Company - One Solution

One Company – One Solution

We consolidate your data in one solution and keep it continuously in sync – regardless of whether the data source is on-premises or the cloud. Today we operate in Northern Europe and have data centers in Scandinavia. Any customer is fully covered in all continents, and we are supporting customers with footprint in e.g. China, Australia, India, Americas. 

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Company Information

  • Business registration number: DK27719945
  • Bank: Danske Bank
  • Legal advisors: Kromann Reumert
  • Auditors: Beierholm A/S
  • Credit rating: Since 2010, B4Restore A/S has been rated AAA by the credit rating company Soliditet.

How Solid is Your Data Protection?

Backup is more than just making a copy of your data. In case of cyber-attack, your backup must be well protected. It is the foundation for all data recovery efforts and will quickly help your business back to normal.  

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