What  is the point in making a backup if you can’t retrieve the data?

Don’t Wait to Test Your System

The key to preventing data loss and downtime is knowing that your backup data can be recovered when you need it. And the only way to know that for sure is to test the resilience of your data recovery system regularly, just as you would test your parachute before skydiving. Executed properly, restore testing will reveal any potential issues that could hinder your data recovery process, even taking into account the many complexities of solutions for global enterprises.

Plan a Restore Test with Zero Downtime

Our consultants can work with you to identify your most critical systems – such as Exchange, SQL server and VM – and run a test to see how the data recovery process for these systems holds up. The Restore verification will not affect your operation and is carried out in close collaboration with your team. And if you’re preparing for an IT audit, we can guide you through a “bare-metal restore”, which will enable you to restart your entire business from scratch on all new hardware if you need to.

Part of a Comprehensive SLA

Restore testing can also help identify specific elements that should be included in a comprehensive Service Level Agreement. For instance, testing can determine the optimal backup frequency, known as the Recovery Point Objective, or RPO. It can also tell you how long it will actually take to restore your data – this is called the Recover Time Objective, or RTO.


More about RPO and RTO


Our Storage and Backup-as-a-Service solutions are based on transparent SLA’s where you can chose from our complete catalogue of services. Contact us to learn more.

Only the Unpredictable is Certain

An encryption or temporary locking of business data can seriously damage most organizations, which is also how cybercrime has become one of the biggest (unregulated) economies in the world. But downtime has many faces, you may also experience server and hardware failures, accidental deletion by employees (even data wipe), or internal threats. And a proper restore test is the only way to prepare. IDC Research shows, that 40% of Nordic organizations have recently experienced a ransomware attack.*

*IDC Nordic

Restore Test

Can you Stand a Restore Test?

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