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Working at B4Restore

High standards of expertise and professionalism are a high priority at B4Restore, and as a member of our strong team of specialists, you will receive regular training and acquire relevant certification. Our security procedures include a requirement for security clearance by the Danish Defense Intelligence Service and the Danish Security and Intelligence Service.

As an employee here, you have a broad remit to perform your job, and mutual respect and many years of experience lie at the heart of our teamwork. The high quality of our solutions is thanks, in particular, to our employees’ attention to detail and long-standing expertise in our field.

Job satisfaction and community are top of our agenda. We know how inextricably our social and professional lives are linked. Employees at B4Restore have favorable terms for access to exercise and health care, and we have an active staff association, which arranges weekly sports activities, Friday get-togethers and other communal events, both large and small.

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Jørgen Pedersen, Chief Operations Officer at B4Restore

“We have systems for monitoring, alerting and reporting, however, the real value add comes with our specialist teams who are always available and operate the solutions for our customers”
Jørgen Pedersen, Chief Operations Officer

Rasmus Baunhøj Lauststen IT Operations Specialist at B4Restore

“I work in a large professional team of specialist in an ambitious company that uses the latest technology and collaborates closely with the customers”
Kristian Skytte, IT Solutions Specialist

Jesper Juul, Chief Commercial Officer at B4Restore

"B4Restore has managed to grow significantly without losing agility, and I am thrilled to play a central part in an organization that is able to design, create and operate state-of-the-art solutions"
Jesper Juul, Chief Commercial Officer

Want to Join the Team?

B4Restore is a dynamic organization and we are always looking for talented people who can contribute to our ongoing success. You will be joining a dedicated team of specialists working to create and operate storage and backup solutions for some of the largest companies in the Nordics.

Our customers expect the very best from us, and every day we strive to deliver industry-leading solutions by bringing our more than 16 years of experience into play.

Get in touch if you are motivated to work in a high-performance environment with positive and devoted colleagues. We offer a healthy work-life balance, competitive benefits, healthcare opportunities, and the chance to be part of a successful team where ideas are listened to and initiative is rewarded.

If there are no open vacancies above, you are always welcome to send us an unsolicited application to

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