Business Continuity-as-a-Service (BCaaS) helps your business survive critical incidents by minimizing downtime.
Our solution keeps your business online while you fight your way out of serious events like cybercrime or ransomware. In short, Business Continuity as-a-Service is your lifeline in the extreme situation where you get no second chances.


The cost of the biggest ransomware attack in history against a single company


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What is Business Continuity-as-a-Service?

With our BCaaS solution you can instantly fail over to an unlimited standby IT environment, in case of an incident.

Standby environment

No fiction. We do in fact have a cold standby environment for you in case of a disaster recovery.

Scalability and control

A subscription based service – you don’t have to predict your future data growth or the opposite.

Maximum performance

Our solutions are built to perform – Software-Defined Storage enables no latency and fast recovery from any source. 

Managed service

In case you need to activate a disaster recovery plan you will need specialist support. We do this every day, and support is included in BCaaS.

How it Works

In case of an incident, our DRaaS solution enables you to contemporarily clone your necessary data. On demand, you can get your business up and running in an isolated “safe-mode” IT environment, which means you can stay online while securely investigating the root-cause of your incident.

What is Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

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Recover from ransomware attack

Time is Precious

The time to recover from a ransomware attack or other incidents varies and can even exceed months! Ensuring that employees, customers and partners can continue their activities without disruption protects your business against the fatal risk of downtime. BCaaS is more than just data protection. It’s business protection!

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