Air Gap Backup

Air-Gapped Backups to Enhance Data Security and Strengthen Cyber Security

In today's environment of pervasive cyber threats and frequent data breaches, securing critical business data is essential for organizations of all sizes.

Adopting robust backup strategies, particularly Air-Gapped Backups, is crucial for ensuring data integrity, availability, and resilience against evolving cyber risks.

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Tape Air Gap Backup

Air-Gapped Backups: A Business Necessity

Air-gapped backups involve storing data on isolated devices or networks that are neither connected to the primary IT infrastructure nor to any accessible network infrastructure. This method provides a high level of protection against cyber threats, such as ransomware and malware, by ensuring that backups remain inaccessible to attackers.


Key Advantages of Air-Gapped Backups

  1. Enhanced Data Security
    Air-gapped backups are immune to online attacks because they are physically isolated from the network, making them an ideal solution for protecting against ransomware and other cyber threats.
  2. Data Integrity and Availability
    In the event of a cyber-attack, air-gapped backups ensure that data can be restored from an unaffected source, maintaining business continuity and reducing downtime.
  3. Regulatory compliance
    Implementing air-gapped backups helps meet regulatory requirements for data protection and disaster recovery, which can be crucial for industries with stringent compliance standards.

What is Air Gap Backup?

With an Air Gap Backup, you always have a complete, additional backup, stored on tape for a worst-case scenario.

Proved Technology

The tape media is a rock-solid backup classic and matches the new cyber-threats.

Maximum Resiliency

The tape media cannot be quickly altered, deleted or crypted, unlike today’s disk or flash systems.

Scalability and control

Customized backup frequency. Minimum risk of data loss and minimum resource consumption. 

Managed Service

No additional hardware or software cost, no capex investments.

Separation-of-Duties Governance Framework

A separation-of-duties governance framework is essential for protecting backup data from unauthorized access and manipulation. Our backup, storage and business continuity services are governed by such a framework 24/7/365.

This framework involves:

  1. Strict Access Controls
    Limiting access to backup environments to authorized personnel only, thereby reducing the risk of insider threats.
  2. Role Segregation
    Ensuring that different individuals manage IT production and backup environments to prevent cross-contamination during security breaches or operational errors.
  3. Accountability and Transparency
    Clearly delineating responsibilities and maintaining detailed logs of access and modifications to backup data.

Combined Approach for Optimal Data Protection

Combining air-gapped backups with a robust separation-of-duties governance framework offers a comprehensive data protection strategy. This approach mitigates both online and offline threats, ensuring that critical business data remains secure and recoverable.

Business Benefits of Air-Gapped Backups

  1. Reduced Risk of Data Loss
    By isolating backups from the primary network, the risk of data loss due to cyber-attacks is significantly reduced.
  2. Improved Cyber Insurance Terms
    Demonstrating the implementation of air-gapped backups and separation-of-duties governance can enhance your position when negotiating cyber insurance terms, as it shows proactive measures to safeguard data.
  3. Business Continuity
    Ensuring data availability and integrity in the face of cyber incidents supports uninterrupted business operations and minimizes financial losses.

How it Works

Air Gap Backup is an automated or semi-automated complete data backup on tape that serves as an additional cyber-crime prevention. Even if ransomware should compromise admin, passwords or backup data, you will be able to recover from your air gap backup.

In case of compromised admin, passwords or altered backup data, the Air Gap Backup will be an additional option for recovery. The backup data is stored nearline or offline on tape. To alter a tape copy, it is necessary to overwrite the tape – a process similar to the classic audio tape. This further minimizes the potential damage from a cyber-attack.

Air-gapped backups

Conclusion and Call to Action

Investing in Air-Gapped Backups combined with a Separation-of-Duties Governance Framework is a strategic decision that enhances data security and resilience. This approach not only protects against sophisticated cyber threats but also strengthens your negotiating position for favorable cyber insurance terms.

Partner with us to implement a robust data protection strategy tailored to your organization's needs. Secure your critical business data, ensure regulatory compliance, and demonstrate to your insurance provider that you are taking comprehensive precautions against cybercrime.

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