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Sales and Solutions

Jesper Juul, CCO at B4Restore
Jesper Juul
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Stefan Timmermann, Product Marketing Manager at B4Restore
Stefan Timmermann
Product Marketing Manager
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  • If you have questions or need information about our solutions, marketing and press.

Administration and HR

Henrik Lauersen, CFO at B4Restore
Henrik Laursen
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Heidi Nielsen, Administrative Officer at B4Restore
Heidi Nielsen
Administrative Officer
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  • For questions about office administration, job applications or general inquiries.

Operations and Support

Jørgen Pedersen, COO at B4Restore
Jørgen Pedersen
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Administration and billing
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  • Technical issues
  • Technical solution design
  • Help with our cloud portal


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We operate in Northern Europe, have data centers in Scandinavia, and we are based in Aarhus, Denmark.

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