Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a complete backup solution that helps enterprises secure their data, regardless of private public, hybrid cloud, on a second and third location enabling a fast restore option in case of downtime, data-loss, human error or cybercrime.


Successful backup job every year

All-in-one Backup Solution

All-in-one Backup Solution

We create the BaaS solution for you with detailed service level agreements on backup frequency, restore time and recovery point (RTO/RPO). Also, the solution is based upon well-defined data protection principles like separation of duties, industry ISO certifications, automation and around-the-clock monitoring in national data centers.

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Reliable Enterprise-class Backup

With BaaS you get subscription-based access to best-in-class technology, specialist knowledge and security standards. The emerging as-a-Service model liberates you from hardware and software investments, costly upgrades and workloads on internal resources.

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Why Backup-as-a-Service?


Turn Security Up

Our ISO 27001-certified specialists monitor your data 24/7/365. Our principles of separation of duties prevent operator errors and sabotage attempts. Learn more about IT and data security and disaster recovery.

Push the Responsibility Forward

Get access to best-in-class-technology and performance without concerns about upgrades or complicated migrations. Our accredited and certified experts will help. Check out how to restore test or set your RPO and RTO.

Put Your Backup Resource Consumption on Rewind

Invest the time saved through the simplification and automation of your operational tasks on more strategic initiatives and your core business.  Want to learn more about how we do the heavy lifting?

Bring Costs Down

Pay for your actual monthly usage only. Shift from heavy upfront investments into low operational costs and get rid of complex hardware and software licensing. 



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Turn Heavy Investments into a Fixed Low Fee

A Backup-as-a-Service solution is usually 40% more cost-efficient than total cost of ownership of your traditional system over a 5-year period. Growing data volumes challenge the demand for data capacity.


Capex vs. opex costsCapex vs. opex costs

Nordic organizations expect their stored data to grow by more than 30% in one year.

IDC Nordic

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Backup-as-a-Service from any data source. Our solution covers your full IT environment and protects your data in industry-certified national data centers, practicing separation of duties. Leave workloads of maintaining and protecting your backup data in the hands of our dedicated team of backup specialists. 

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