How do you Keep Pace With Extreme Data Growth?

Are you tired of expensive storage and heavy data center maintenance? Do you need a storage solution with plenty of room to grow? Storage-as-a-Service lets you scale your data storage to your current requirements and pay only for the storage you need.

Clever Storage for the Future

Clever Storage for the Future

Do AI, Big Data and automation tasks have you struggling with storage? Our Storage-as-a-Service solution offers you the cost-efficiency, scalability and security of the cloud combined with the reliability of a data center. We work with you to draw up a Service Level Agreement that meets all your needs, and then our specialists can take care of the rest.

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Cloud-portal for data insights

Keep Track of Data and Performance

Today’s business-critical IT tasks are growing ever more complex and resource intensive. Our cloud portal for automation and management keeps things simple – giving you easy access to self-service, reports and business insights. Get 24/7/365 access to data monitoring, performance statistics and trends from your infrastructure.

Cloud portal for data insights

Building the Road as you Travel

The optimized infrastructure and efficient data management that come with Storage-as-a-Service (StaaS) provide higher performance, making data sharing easy and enabling your enterprise to make fast decisions and take decisive action – and to succeed in the age of AI.

Storage for the age of AI

Private Cloud

Your Own Private Cloud

Use StaaS to optimize your multi-cloud environments

Scaled Storage

Perfectly Scaled Storage

Agile and flexible StaaS solutions that are easy to scale up and down

Future-proof storage solutions

Future-Proof Solutions

Ready for extreme data growth and new applications for AI and Machine Learning

Enterprise-Class Storage Technology

Enterprise-Class Technology

Best-in-class technology for today’s global enterprises

Future-Proof Storage Technology

Is your organization ready for AI, BI and ML applications?

In our virtual storage environment, your data is consistently replicated and migrated to its ideal storage technology. This reduces costs, maximizes flexibility and gives you the fastest possible access to your data – all with industry-leading restore and disaster recovery performance.  

Software-defined storage

Boost Company Profit with Secure Data!

Boost Company Profit with Secure Data!
This is just one of the many interesting findings presented in the new report from IDC Nordic on organizations’ use of storage and backup.

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