Air Gap Backup

Air Gap Backup is an automated or semi-automated complete data backup on tape that serves as an additional cyber-crime prevention. Even if ransomware should compromise admin, passwords or backup data, you will be able to recover from your air gap backup.

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What is Air Gap Backup?

With an Air Gap Backup, you always have a complete, additional backup, stored on tape for a worst-case scenario.

Proved Technology

The tape media is a rock-solid backup classic and matches the new cyber-threats.

Maximum Resiliency

The tape media cannot be quickly altered, deleted or crypted, unlike today’s disk or flash systems.

Scalability and control

Customized backup frequency. Minimum risk of data loss and minimum resource consumption. 

Managed Service

No additional hardware or software cost, no capex investments.

How it Works

In case of compromised admin, passwords or altered backup data, the Air Gap Backup will be an additional option for recovery. The backup data is stored nearline or offline on tape. To alter a tape copy, it is necessary to overwrite the tape – a process similar to the classic audio tape. This further minimizes the potential damage from a cyber-attack.

What is Air Gap Backup?

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Tape Air Gap Backup

Tape is Still Part of a Successful Backup Strategy

While tape technology might be old, it is by no means dead. In some cases, it is even the smartest choice.

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