How to Unite Multi-Cloud with Data Protection

The main challenges of multi-cloud backup

Storing data in multi-cloud environments presents a range of challenges, not least when it comes to backing up your data. The most common challenges are:

  • Responsibility disclaimers
  • Inflexible SLAs
  • Egress fees

Multi-cloud backup

Who’s responsible for protecting your data?

Most agreements with SaaS or cloud providers include a disclaimer stating that responsibility for protecting the customer’s data lies solely with the customer. This means it is your responsibility to keep your data protected and to ensure that your data can be restored if needed.

What’s actually in your SLA?

With cloud services, it’s important to pay extra attention to the defined SLA`s. And it may be necessary to incorporate an option to adjust the agreements and customize them to your company.

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How much does it cost to move your data?

You’ll often find that your SLA includes an egress fee for moving your data off the cloud service. Such fees make data restore or restore testing both expensive and difficult. They also complicate the process if you want to migrate your data to a different cloud service or to your own dedicated data center.

Take back control of your data with BaaS

To overcome the challenges of multi-cloud backup, you need to take back control of your data, regardless of whether your data is stored in the cloud, in a SaaS solution or in a traditional data center. And this is where Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) can help.

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B4Restore’s BaaS solution lets you back up your data – from a classic data center or hosting setup to SaaS/cloud services. And it allows you to store all your backups in a single solution powered by the necessary backup engines. Finally, our BaaS solution maps all the data that needs to be backed up, ensuring that none of your data falls through the cracks and giving you full control of your data with reliable maximum restore performance.

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Feeling lost in the clouds?

So, you store your data, including business critical data, in a multi-cloud environment. But have you considered what happens if you need to restore or disaster-recover your enterprise and cloud-native applications?

It seems like everything is in the cloud nowadays. In fact, a recent survey by IDC Nordic found that “cloud share of infrastructure is expected to grow from 28% to 42% in the next two years (…) 74% of cloud-user organizations in the Nordics use multiple cloud deployment models and/or software stacks.”

Growth in cloud


What is a multi-cloud environment?

Basically, you might consider treating all your data as multi-cloud data. Much of your business critical data is probably already stored in one or a combination of the following systems:

  • Cloud services
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Traditional data centers

Cloud services

Cloud Services

Cloud services allow businesses to rent access to storage and computing capacity in centralized data centers. This type of on-demand infrastructure more flexible, which is why many enterprises combine traditional data centers with cloud services. These cloud services are often used to run business-critical applications like webshops, R&D or ERP systems. Examples of cloud services:

  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS



Most enterprises have adopted a range of SaaS products to meet specific needs. And although you may store rather small data volumes in SaaS, these applications often hold business-critical data.
 Examples of SaaS systems:

  • Office 365
  • Salesforce Cloud
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

On premises data center

Traditional Data Center

While a few businesses, for instance Spotify, place their entire IT infrastructure and storage in the cloud, many enterprises still place business data in traditional data centers, either managed or unmanaged. These may be:

  • On premises data centers
  • Remote access data centers (colocation)

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