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February 2024

Prioritizing Business Continuity & Resilience Investments for CEO’s and CFO’s: A Factual Argument

When I look at the digital landscape of today and reflect on the threats facing companies and organizations it certainly underscores the harsh reality facing CEOs and CFOs.

Today with advanced and accelerating cyber threats essentially lurking around every corner, CEOs and CFOs must be vigilant in safeguarding their organizations' assets.

The stakes are high, with cyberattacks becoming increasingly sophisticated and damaging. To mitigate risks effectively, it is imperative to invest wisely in key areas that not only ensure business continuity but also fortify data resilience.

Here at B4Restore, we focus maniacally on being at the forefront the crucial topics of business continuity, business resilience services, data resiliency, securing single-site production environments, and establishing robust disaster recovery test environments.

We do so to make sure that our ISO-certified backup, business continuity and storage services correspond with the requirements both in terms of regulations and peace-of-mind.

Business Continuity…

Business continuity encompasses strategies and solutions designed to keep operations running smoothly despite disruptions. Investing in robust business continuity plans is paramount for CEOs and CFOs, as downtime can result in significant financial losses and reputational damage.

By leveraging B4Restore’s Business Continuity as-a-Service, customers and partners can be certain that redundant systems, backup power sources, and disaster recovery protocols are firmly in place minimizing, if not eliminating the impacts of unforeseen events such as natural disasters or cyberattacks.

Business Resilience Services…

Business resilience services according to B4Restore go beyond mere continuity. With our services we focus on the customer’s and partner’s ability to adapt and thrive often in the face of adversity. By partnering with B4Restore and leveraging our suite of services (backup, business continuity and storage), CEOs and CFOs can enhance their organizations' ability to withstand disruptions and emerge stronger from challenges.

Data Resiliency…

Data resiliency is crucial for safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring its availability in any circumstance. This involves implementing robust backup and recovery solutions, encryption protocols, and access controls to protect data from loss or unauthorized access. With data breaches on the rise, investing in data resiliency measures is non-negotiable for CEOs and CFOs concerned about preserving their organizations' integrity and trustworthiness. All of this is embedded in our Backup, Business Continuity and Storage as-a-Service portfolio – and we invested in ISO-certifications to demonstrate the viability of our commitment.

Securing Single-Site Production Environments…

With more than 20 years of experience in backup, storage and by alignment, data protection, I have observed, and still do observe, that many organizations rely on single-site production environments for their day-to-day operations, making them vulnerable to localized disruptions. It is understood that CEOs and CFOs must prioritize securing these environments by implementing robust cybersecurity measures, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and regular security audits. Instead of embarking on resource demanding projects such as diversifying production facilities, adopting B4Restore’s Business Continuity-as-a-Service can mitigate the risk of single-point failures.

Establishing Disaster Recovery Test Environments…

It is a fact that disaster recovery test environments are essential for validating the effectiveness of recovery plans and ensuring readiness for potential crises. CEOs and CFOs should allocate resources to establish dedicated test environments where recovery procedures can be regularly tested and refined. At B4Restore we have embedded an option for the disaster recovery test environment, which is part of our Business Continuity-as-a-Service. The service offers not only simulating various scenarios and identifying potential gaps, but it also offers ransomware scanning of the backup data repository.

By prioritizing these areas and allocating resources accordingly, CEOs and CFOs can effectively mitigate cyber risks and safeguard their organizations' continuity and resilience in an increasingly volatile digital landscape.

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B4Restore’s Backup-as-a-Service executes more than 70,000,000 backup jobs annually.

No. 3 Identify and Hire a Certified Managed Services Provider

B4Restore’s information security standard is ISO 27001 certified.

B4Restore’s Business Continuity Management approach is ISO 22301 certified.

B4Restore has the independent service auditor’s ISAE 3000 assurance report.


Henrik Lind

Henrik Lind, Chief Technology Officer, B4Restore A/S

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