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October 2023

Data Protection - one for all, all for one!

Data Protection, Backup-as-a-Service and Separation-of-Duties
- one for all, all for one!

As a forward-thinking Data Protection as a Service provider with an emphasis on Backup-as-a-Service, Business-Continuity-as-a-Service and Storage-as-a-Service, B4Restore is continuously monitoring the key trends influencing our clients’ and partners’ day-to-day challenges.

We are constantly scanning the key trends to make sure that our ISO-certified services will meet given requirements and enable our clients and partners to focus on their strategic priorities and thus allocate resources, where it makes the most sense for their businesses.

Data Protection

Our services are optimized through leveraging AI-powered automation for management, monitoring, and alerting. Our services are specifically designed for both on-premises workloads and SaaS and provides secure, reliable and high-performance backup and recovery. Of course, we are equally geared to deal with the challenges from remote workforces.

We know that AI-powered automation is gradually revolutionizing data protection – and we are utilizing this to make our data protection services more effective and efficient.

How can you leverage AI-powered automation in your organization to enhance your data protection strategies?


Backup-as-a-Service & Business-Continuity-as-a-Service

We are observing that companies and organizations are gradually resorting to BaaS and BCaaS. There is a marked uptake in outsourcing backup management, which enables a company such as B4Restore to take care of the underlying infrastructure, software, licensing, support/maintenance, capability, capacity, and compliance management.

Our BaaS and BCaaS leverage automated monitoring relative to the different production platform applications and the associated tiered data classes. And no matter a client’s or a partner’s maturity and/or underlying infrastructure, our BaaS and BCaaS solutions can be adapted to provide the exact level of service required.

Clients and partners agree that B4Restore's BaaS and BCaaS constitute both a reliable and cost-effective data protection solution.

Have you considered outsourcing your backup needs to a BaaS provider to free up your IT staff's time for more strategic projects?


At B4Restore we know full well that delivering flawless business resilience and with that data protection is a challenging undertaking due to trust, cost, and complexity. Our more than 20 years of experience and constantly expanding knowledge and skills base within our field of expertise, enable us to respond to client and partner concerns be that security, data sensitivity, compliance, cost – and even peace-of-mind.

Where all of this come together with our services is our uncompromising approach to Separation-of-Duties. Based upon continuous customer and partner feedback on our ISO-certified approach, the B4Restore SoD evidently provides compliance with even the strictest of internal controls requirements.

As your organization either grows and/or changes, how do you make sure that your backup infrastructure can scale accordingly?

Should you opt for BaaS and BCaaS? And if you do, can you then trust the services to deliver what these absolutely must? And will your data management compliance requirements be met to the letter?

Do The Right Thing …

Protect Your Business

B4Restore has been protecting customers’ critical data for more than 20 years.

Leverage the Right Technology and a Trusted Managed Service Provider

B4Restore’s Backup-as-a-Service executes more than 70,000,000 backup jobs annually.

Identify and Hire the Right Managed Services Partner

B4Restore’s information security standard is ISO 27001 certified. B4Restore’s Business Continuity Management approach is ISO 22301 certified. And lastly, B4Restore has the independent service auditor’s ISAE 3000 assurance report.


Henrik Lind

Henrik Lind, Chief Technology Officer, B4Restore A/S

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