Object Storage

Highly Compatible for Big Data or Unstructured Data 

Object Storage is a simple and flexible alternative to traditional file systems, offering a no-hierarchy flat file arrangement and the ability to handle metadata. Highly flexible and endlessly scalable, Object Storage is ideal for a wide range of IT business demands.

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Big Data, Unstructured Data, Highly Compatible

Entering the Age of AI

The extreme scalability of Object Storage makes it possible to benefit from the new analytics tools and AI and BI applications. And all without the need for heavy IT infrastructure investments.

Object Storage for Remote Data and IoT

Object Storage for Remote Data and IoT

Object Storage can accumulate data generated in remote locations or IoT devices. This kind of “orbit data” is often business critical and key to business continuity, and accessible and scalable storage and backup is needed for these core operations.

3rd copy site backup

3rd copy/3rd site backup

As an additional data protection, and in order to keep control of data in a cloud-to-cloud backup solution, Object Storage can be used as a 3rd copy/3rd site backup. The backup is not stored in the cloud where your primary data is located. The backup procedures run via internet protocols and supports S3.

Storage and Backup without Limitations  

We offer Object Storage with maximum accessibility and unlimited scalability, and you can run secure protocols via WAN or dedicated connection(s). Our Object Storage solution honors well-defined SLAs, in the same way as our traditional as-a-Service solutions. 

The Solution in Brief 

  • Endless scalability  
  • Maximum accessibility via WAN or dedicated connection(s) 
  • Software-Defined-Storage technology 
  • Supports any protocol format, HTTP and API’s such as Open Stack Swift, S3, SOAP and REST 
  • Data stored in B4Restore’s own ISO27001 certified data centers, located in your country 

Object Storage is Ideal for:  

  • Large data volumes 
  • Analytics 
  • AI/BI applications 
  • Accumulation of data from remote locations, cloud or IoT 

What is Object Storage? 

The main principle of Object Storage is that the traditional file arrangement is replaced by a rich set of metadata describing the exact object, in fact the exact file. The unique identification of every single object or file eliminates the hierarchy and limitations of a traditional file system and offers a range of advantages:

  • Objects/files can be any size and any format for instance, a complete video recording can be stored as an object
  • No limits scale
  • Large disperse data volumes
  • Large accumulations from the cloud


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Object Storage Use Cases

Object storage use cases

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