Big data. Cloud storage. Today's data growth creates large amounts of unstructured data that can be hard to handle. IBM has met this challenge with its software-defined storage solution, IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS). Smart software which is able to utilize existing hardware, and which reduces storage costs for ever-increasing amounts of data. At the same time, it both simplifies and optimizes the management of the many petabytes of data and billions of files that businesses generate daily.

IBM Spectrum Scale is a storage solution that provides extreme scalability and control. The combination of flash, disk, cloud, and tape storage, all in a single solution, ensures higher performance and lower costs than traditional approaches.


  • Delivers up to ten times higher performance with the same hardware
  • Provides extreme scalability
  • Reduces storage costs
  • Improves security and management efficiency

We guarantee that you really can benefit from IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS). Contact us today – we will be happy to drop by and present an excellent business case to you.


IBM Spectrum Storage family

IBM Spectrum Storage family is IBM's portfolio of Software-Defined Storage solutions. IBM Spectrum Storage Portfolio can handle central management of more than 300 different storage units and yottabyte data for both IBM and non-IBM hardware. See the whole range of solutions here:

IBM Spectrum Storage Family


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