ISO27001 & ISAE3000

Committed to Data Protection

We regularly undergo a comprehensive review to ensure your information is protected, available, and can be accessed. This also enables you as a customer to comply with and stay up-to-date on relevant legislation. Our framework for anticipating risks and requirements in every facet of our operations, across all of our data centers, is honored with a ISO 27001 certification and a ISAE 3000 Danish Auditors' statement.

ISO 27001 Certification

The fact that we are ISO certified to comply fully with the ISO 27001 standard confirms that we have full focus on logical as well as physical IT security, including our physically separate data centers. ISO 27001 is one of the most acknowledged and internationally independent information security standards.

ISO 27001 certificate

ISAE 3000 Danish auditors' statement

ISAE 3000 Danish Auditors' Statement

In addition to the ISO certification, an annual auditor's IT statement of the type ISAE 3000 has also been drawn up. This statement is made by our impartial, state-authorized accountant who specializes in IT security, and the statement is prepared in accordance with the ISAE 3000 standard, which is the latest and most comprehensive standard in the field.

ISAE 3000 statement

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Data Protection - Prioritize Right

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