Getting started with Storage or Backup-as-a-Service

We Make Migration Easy – and Risk-Free

That’s right! Our storage and backup experts take responsibility for the entire data migration process, freeing you from much of the leg work. Step one in the migration process is taking a complete backup of your data, allowing you to start from scratch without disrupting business operations and ensuring no loss of data. Many customers even see this as an opportunity to migrate data to a new system with no risk, no down time and separate migrating costs.

Up and Running in Four Steps

Engaging with us is as simple as one, two, three… four. While timeframes may vary from organization to organization and depend on the complexity of the data environment, the engaging process is always similar. We have the specialists and the volume to onboard every new customer at the right pace, following these four steps: 

  1. Preliminary analysis:
    Every business is different, which is why we always start with a few preliminary meetings to analyze your current situation and identify your needs.
  2. Service Level Agreement:
    Based on the needs we’re working with you to identify, you can choose from our wide range of specifications and cost-drivers to design a tailored SLA.
  3. Implementation and commissioning:
    We take care of all aspects of implementation and commissioning, from migrating your data to training your staff in use of the new system.
  4. Operation:
    And once you are up and running, we handle the monitoring and make sure your solution is always running smoothly.


Engage Now, and Put Your Mind at Ease

Whether you’re looking for a straightforward, standard as-a-Service model or a large-scale, enterprise-class solution tailored to your specific requirements, we’re here to help. Contact us directly using the form below.

We also have a broad network of partners who are ready to help. Contact your current IT or Managed Service Provider, and they will help with a Storage or Backup-as-a-Service solution from B4Restore.

How Solid is Your Data Protection?

Backup is more than just making a copy of your data. In case of cyber-attack, your backup must be well protected. It is the foundation for all data recovery efforts and will quickly help your business back to normal.  

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