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January 2021

The Looming Threat of Cyber-crime: VERY HIGH

A new report from the Danish Centre for Cyber Security examines the new cybercrime ecosystem and categorizes the cyber-threat as “VERY HIGH”.

Cyber-crime has evolved into an organized global market economy, where it is possible to trade tools, accesses, and infrastructure. The so-called Crime-as-a-Service model is the new reality, with the use of crypto-currencies making it possible to fully commercialize cyber-crime.

Criminals no longer need to know everything, or even much of anything, about how to carry out a ransomware-attack; they can simply order one online and have it executed by professionals.

As a result of this increased collaboration between all branches of the cyber-crime community, the cyber-threat level has been elevated to maximum.

cyber/threat reportRead the full report from the Danish Centre for Cyber Security here (in Danish)

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Stay a Step Ahead with Backup-as-a-Service

With a Backup-as-a-Service solution from B4Restore you get the best conditions for mitigating the risk of ransomware or other cyber-crime. We keep your backup data separated and isolated from production data, allowing you to restore and stay operational if an incident occurs.  

Our solution stands out with its fully implemented Separation of Duties, permitting no individuals, credentials, or virtual users a simultaneous access to backup data and production data.

With a BaaS solution you can rely on our specialist team with leading expertise and know-how on end-to-end data protection. This also secures critical mass and frees you from reliance of individual employees or resource issues in periods with employer illness or vacation. A solution with high demands on all processes and procedures that underlie the operational tasks of secure data protection. 

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