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October 2020

How a Typical Ransomware Attack Looks Like

A new report from the Danish Centre for Cyber Security spotlights the most common types of ransomware attacks and offers guidance on the best defense strategies and tips on how to avoid them.  

The report reveals a range of possible entry-points in your organization’s IT network and explains the new types of collaboration between different cyber-criminal actors in the rapidly growing ransomware-industry.  

The risk of a ransomware attack is real. As an organization, you also need to prepare not just for an attack itself, but for before and after the attack.  

Once you are infected with malware and your systems and network have been hijacked, your only recourse is to restore your data from your backup. This makes your backup your most critical lifeline, which means you need to keep it isolated with the help of a range of precautions.  

Storing your backup separated from your production data is one of them. Protecting and limiting the access to backup data is also important to ensure integrity. (Read B4Restore’s take on Separation of Duties below).   

Another important defense strategy is employee and management education and awareness. That’s why we highly recommend you read this report from the Danish Centre for Cyber Security (in Danish). 

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Stay a Step Ahead with Backup-as-a-Service

With a Backup-as-a-Service solution from B4Restore you get the best conditions for mitigating the risk of ransomware or other cyber-crime. We keep your backup data separated and isolated from production data, allowing you to restore and stay operational if an incident occurs.  

Our solution stands out with its fully implemented Separation of Duties, permitting no individuals, credentials, or virtual users a simultaneous access to backup data and production data.

With a BaaS solution you can rely on our specialist team with leading expertise and know-how on end-to-end data protection. This also secures critical mass and frees you from reliance of individual employees or resource issues in periods with employer illness or vacation. A solution with high demands on all processes and procedures that underlie the operational tasks of secure data protection. 

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