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November 2023

Don’t Let Data Migration be a Show Stopper

When onboarding new customers - our onboarding specialist team offers on-premises capacity with our BACKUP ON WHEELS concept...

Flight Cases - data migration

Every company is different and the same goes for its data and network architecture. The process of becoming a backup customer is always a good lesson in classifying and prioritizing company data. Which databases are no longer in use? Are these data in fact non-compliant? Is this just a legacy folder that will never be searched for again?

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When the time is right, the data migration process can execute quite fast. However, for a variety of reasons, some data migrates less smoothly than others. We have therefore developed a mobile setup for temporary and urgent needs during the migration period that helps speed up the process.

The migration period for onboarding a Backup-as-a-Service customer can vary from just a single day to a whole week, depending on capacity, data volumes and complexity.

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