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May 2021

Data Deduplication – Small Step big Difference

Data deduplication, or dedup for short, is the process of analyzing data and replacing large volumes of identical data chunks with a single shared copy. B4Restore uses dedup to optimize storage utilization and data transfer speed, by reducing the amount of data that need to be stored and transferred.

How does dedup save me money?

Take, for example, your company’s financial management system and customer relationship management system – both are databases filled with all kinds of information that is accessed regularly, but not necessarily changed much. During regular data backup, the vast majority of the data in these systems remain unchanged from your last backup. Dedup makes it possible to omit any files or blocks of data that are unchanged since the last backup, and only backup data that differ. By saving only the one file copy of duplicate data, this decreases your storage capacity requirements, which means you pay less for storing your backup.

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