IBM Spectrum VirtualizeTM (SVC)

IBM Spectrum Virtualize, previously IBM San Volume Controller (SVC), is a storage virtualization system for centralized infrastructure management. It makes it possible to work with all storage environments, irrespective of brand, as a single system, providing a clear overview and improving space utilization. This makes it easier to allocate capacity across platforms, and data can be placed where it is most appropriate based on current needs.

How does it work?

With IBM Spectrum VirtualizeTM (SVC), you can remove an application's physical association with disk storage. This allows for better availability since changes in the physical infrastructure do not affect applications. Data becomes optimized:


  • Data can be moved around as needed without disturbing operations
  • Administration of overall disk capacity as a pool increases efficiency
  • Replication and creation of flash copies from many different types of disk systems
  • Data is stored according to importance and is accessible when needed

Monitoring - Virtual Storage

Monitoring IBM Spectrum VirtualizeTM

Monitor virtual storage by defining a wide range of service level agreements and warnings concerning configuration errors, performance problems, SAN problems, and capacity. Gain an overview of workloads, if any, via visual graphics showing performance and capacity history for the main storage resources.


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Our knowledge is at your disposal

We are beta testing the next versions of Spectrum Virtualize (SVC). This has given us a thorough knowledge and a unique insight into IBM Spectrum Virtualize. Amongst other things, we can help plan and design a newer version – or arrange workshops to look at new functionalities and help ensure that you obtain the optimum benefit from an upgrade.


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IBM Spectrum StorageTM family

IBM Spectrum Storage family™ is IBM's portfolio of Software-Defined Storage solutions. IBM Spectrum Storage Portfolio can handle central management of more than 300 different storage units and yottabyte data; for both IBM and non-IBM hardware. See the whole range of solutions here.


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