The delivery of a storage or backup service

This is how we tackle the process

All solutions and projects are individual: we do, however, tackle all processes using these 6 steps:




Mistakes often stem from assumptions. By beginning with the customer’s own strategy, and departing in their current circumstances, we assist them with workshops, analyses and data collection. Together, we establish a total overview and deal with service level agreement requirements, policies, technologies, security levels etc.

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The pre-anaysis allows us to work co-operatively with the customer to produce a comprehensive and clearly-documented specification criteria, which forms the basis of the solution we offer.



Specification criteria


Based on the content of the specification criteria, we shall deliver at least one solution suggestion, including a financial one.



Solution suggestion, including financing




Departing in the solution suggestions, all parties will work towards a final agreement which covers design together with the relevant Service Level Agreements (SLAs), as well as the contract basis.



Final agreement


We shall assume responsibility for both implementation and start-up of the solution. This responsibility includes holding workshops, running ongoing training courses, implementation, licences and providing the basis of, as well as documentation related to daily operations etc.



Implementation and start-up


We shall assume responsibility for all storage or backup solutions, including 24/7 monitoring, ongoing reporting, as well as co-operation between partners through continuous operations and steering group meetings.





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