How to Recover Data From a Multi-Cloud Environment

An estimated 90% of organizations will use multiple cloud services and cloud platforms by 2020 (IDC Nordic). While enterprises generally feel comfortable about storing data, even business-critical data, in multi-cloud environments, many have not yet considered how to restore or disaster recover their enterprise and cloud-native applications.



cloud backup



Most SaaS or cloud providers include in their agreements a disclaimer stating that responsibility for protecting the customer’s data lies with the customer.


Yes, hyperscale public clouds like Azure, Oracle or AWS will protect and maybe even backup your data.


But in case of data loss caused by human error from your side, a malicious attack or other incidents, your recovery options are solely dependent on your own backup and restore precautions.


In other words, your business might run into trouble, should you ever need to recover your data from the cloud.


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Store all Your Backups Together

The first step in designing a successful backup and restore strategy is to map all the data that needs to be backed up across your classic data center or hosting setup and your SaaS/cloud services.


A Backup-as-a-Service solution lets you take back control of your data with reliable maximum restore performance of any data source.


True Backup-as-a-Service is a single backup solution based on a range of backup engines that meet the various needs and characteristics of any type of data storage.





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