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Niels Henrik Demant Rasmussen

Functional Manager, IT Services

The City of Odense

The City of Odense is all for virtualization

The City of Odense began its journey into the world of virtualization as early as 2003. In addition to the obvious advantages, such as a far more flexible and dynamic IT department, the City has also saved money and has gained more efficient use of its resources. In other words, the City of Odense now has a technological edge that allows it to be more agile and which provides financial benefits.

"Overall, our performance has become 30 times faster through the years in keeping with the modernization of our server and storage infrastructure. We can do more in less time. So we have relocated one third of our staff to employ them on more strategic tasks," says Niels Henrik Demant Rasmussen, Functional Manager, IT Services, the City of Odense. 



Strong consultancy at even stronger prices

B4Restore has been a permanent discussion partner and provider since 2003.

B4Restore's solutions and prices have been the best each time we have put out contracts to tender and every time, they have delivered top quality which is worth every penny...” says Niels Henrik Demant Rasmussen, adding that whilst IBM delivers the best components, the  final design and the final solution are delivered by B4Restore.



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About the City of Odense

The IT department of the City of Odense manages IT for one of the largest municipal workplaces in Denmark. 8,000 employees out of 15,000 have an IT workstation. In addition, 1,500 school teachers and 18,000 pupils also use some of the City's systems. 350 locations on Funen, including schools, nursing homes, and town halls, have fiber connections.