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Claus Andersen

IT Operation Manager


How BROEN reduced time needs and increased security

For several years, BROEN used a local TSM installation with Wizard Storage Portal® from B4Restore for monitoring and following up day-to-day backups, and we were very satisfied with that solution.

However, our needs changed in line with the implementation of a virtual environment based on VMware, new types of databases, and a lot of other things. Consequently, if we wanted to be up-to-date, we were faced with the prospect of investments in a number of additional licenses for our solution.

At the same, we needed to increase the level of security for our backup solution, and to have a copy stored at another location.

Implementing the Hybrid Backup Solution® was an obvious choice for us. The hardware and software belong to B4Restore, but are located at our premises. At the same time, B4Restore has full responsibility for operating our backup solution. When we want to implement new IT systems, we no longer have to worry about whether we comply with backup licenses or not - they are included in our agreement. And with realtime mirroring of our local backup environment at B4Restore, we also avoid day-to-day tape management. In addition to this, the increased security level is an advantage in the annual IT audit.



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