09 May 2019

4 reasons why traditional tape storage is still part of a successful backup strategy

A Storage and Backup-as-a-Service solution helps you define your business requirements and compose the most suitable combination of tape, disk and flash technologies.


The classic tape technology is still the most cost-efficient way to save an ever-increasing data volume – with a minimum risk of data loss.


So, while tape technology might be old, it is by no means dead. In some cases, it may even the smartest choice:   


  1. Long-term data archiving
    Most companies have data compliance regulations, meaning that their data must be carefully archived for say 5 or 10 years. Tape technology offers storage with a minimum risk of data loss and minimum resource consumption.
  2. Offline copies
    Sometimes an organization’s data policies stipulate that the backup data must be stored off premises and offline – and tape storage does both par excellence.
  3. Proof of data integrity
    Tape technology can help your company prove that your backup data has not been altered – which is a regulatory compliance requirement in some industries.
  4. Cost-efficiency
    Finally, as organizations regularly store petabytes and even exabytes of data, tape is indisputably the least costly storage media on the planet.




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