We support charities

At B4Restore, we wish to make a difference and we are pleased to support various charities, not least of all, those focused on fighting disease.

Cykelnerven - Scleroseforeningen


(Cycling Nerve)

"Cykelnerven" is the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society's annual cycling event whose purpose is to increase an understanding of multiple sclerosis, and at the same time generate money for research. This is an excellent initiative that we are delighted to support.

Knæk Cancer 2015

Knæk Cancer

(Break Cancer)

Today, around 258,000 Danish people live with diagnosed cancer. Fortunately, the majority of them survive the disease. But we would like to set the bar a little higher. Fewer people should develop cancer, and more people should survive. Of course, we wish to support that development.

Familier med kræftramte børn

Familier med kræftramte børn 

(Families with children affected by cancer)

Supporting the initiative "Familier med kræftramte børn" means that we help to offer positive experiences for children affected by cancer, and their families. Through activities, children are given faith and hope for the future to pave the way through a difficult time with disease.

Kræftens Bekæmpelse Landsindsamlling 2015

Kræftens Bekæmpelse

(The Danish Cancer Society)

To contribute to the annual national subscription, we support the Danish Cancer Society's activities within research, prevention, and patient aid – activities that create hope and saves lives.

Mand det nytter


(Man, see the point)

"Mand Det Nytter" is a campaign focusing on men and cancer. Every day, 48 Danish men are diagnosed with cancer. More can survive if we take action in time. Naturally, we wish to help turn the tide.



(Children's foundation)

 In the village of Tensobgo in Burkina Faso, the lack of clean water is a major health issue. Motivated by our wish to make a significant difference, we have bought a well for the village. With it, we hope to contribute to reducing concerns and diseases, and to improving living conditions.

Knæk Cancer 2014

Knæk Cancer

(Break Cancer)

Cancer affects one in three Danes. and makes everybody else "relations ". The good news is that the majority of us  survive the disease. In the hope of future scientific breakthroughs, we actively support “Crack Cancer” and will continue to do so.


Mænd mod kræft


(Men against cancer)

Whilst in Denmark men and women are almost equally affected by cancer, men's survival rate is notably lower. Therefore, men's health and their self-awareness are in focus, and naturally we wish to contribute to the campaign.

Danmarks Indsamling

Danmarks indsamling

(Denmark's National Donation Day)

"Danmarks Indsamling" is a nationwide initiative collecting money to help people in some of the poorest countries in the world. B4Restore participates in the campaign in order to contribute to the global effort to reduce poverty, provide education for all children, and bring down child mortality rates.