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Award-winning Monitoring Software

Award-winning Monitoring Software WSP

Having insights into and monitoring your data offers a range of benefits. Our cloud portal provides you with a real-time 24/7 view and analytics of storage and backup performance, enabling you to instantly resolve issues to keep your business up and running. Wizards Storage Portal eliminates resource-consuming tasks and reduces complexity, so you can devote your resources to business-critical IT tasks.

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Save costs dramatically and focus on strategic initiatives instead of managing storage and backup.

Features and Functionality

Intuitive web-based interface

Intuitive web-based interface

  • Customizable (widget-based) dashboard displays all your key performance information
  • Deep dive from high-level server and storage information to node level analysis with a few clicks
  • WSP can be accessed by anyone you authorize - including an external IT partner if required

Historical information and analytics

Historical information and analytics

  • Helps you calculate factors like storage growth, capacity utilization, response times, unused data, etc.
  • Performance and capacity meta-data collected every 10 minutes and available 24/7/365
  • Up to two years’ performance history - instantly accessible in graphic and chart forms

24/7 monitoring and alerting

24/7/365 monitoring and alerting

  • Define a wide variety of alerts/SLAs to comply with the backup and storage policies of your company
  • Reduce downtime as automated alerts announce performance/capacity issues in real-time
  • Notifications/alerts sent via email, text message or to the Windows Event log for further processing


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