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18 June 2020

Test: How Solid is Your Data Protection?

B4Restore has launched an online test to put focus on the disciplines and processes surrounding data protection in any organization. Technology evolves, and so do the challenges and risks, which is why a fresh look at data protection pays off.    

Do you have a backup of your cloud data? Can a user/admin access live data as well as backup data? How much impact do you think data growth will have on your IT environment over the next three years?  

This online test provides ideas and food for thought on preparing for worst-case scenarios. After completing a 7-step questionnaire, you will receive a personalized report.  

While every organization is unique, some overall principles can go a long way toward preventing the damages of cyber-attacks, preparing for data growth and leveraging new applications, while retaining control and bolstering protection of data. 

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We would love to hear your thoughts about the online test. Just reach out to our CCO Jesper Juul on jju@b4restore.com or phone +45 9176 4175.   

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