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04 March 2020

New Findings on the Business Value of Data Protection

A new study by IDC Nordic finds that the business value of data protection is generally underrated among IT professionals.

New Findings on the Business Value of Data Protection

Optimizing the management of your IT security will boost your company’s profits and improve efficiency. This is one of the key findings in a new IDC Nordic report based on multiple surveys and interviews with more than 700 IT and business executives.

“While the most prominent perception of the value of IT security is the optimization of risk management, in reality, organizations should be aware of the full range of business benefits and not focus too narrowly on the security benefits – though not comparable, the business benefits might even exceed the risk mitigation benefits, says Anders Elbak, head of the study and Associate Director at IDC Nordic.

According to the report, businesses that can recover quickly from an IT security incident are more successful. They are less likely to be impacted by ransomware attacks and to be fined for non-compliance.

They can also devote fewer resources to data protection, because there are fewer fires to put out.

This means more accurate risk assessments, better decision-making at executive level, and increased customer trust, which ultimate strengthens your brand and makes your company more valuable in the eye of the shareholder.

Click here to download the entire IDC Nordic report, “Data Management and Storage in Digitally Transformed Businesses”.

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